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    Quick cool-down ideas for hot days

    Quick cool-down ideas for hot days

    As much of a disaster as winter generally is, we find it’s much easier to end up looking a mess in summer. That’s mostly thanks to a friend we’ve come to know oh so well: sweat. Not to mention our constant acquaintance, greasy sheen. Summer certainly puts the hot in hot mess, but in these scorching months it’s important to remember that we can cool down almost as quickly as we overheat. Here are some quick tips for getting your temperature, and your looks, back under control.


    You may have read somewhere once upon a time that drinking warm liquids like coffee and tea will help you adjust to the warmer temps. Well, this is not the time for that. If you’re already hot, you want to be downing the crisp, cold water your body is craving. You can also rehydrate with cold milk and juice, including delicious lemonade. Be aware that as refreshing as iced tea feels, unless it’s caffeine-free it’s a natural diuretic and may strip your body of the hydration it needs.

    Pulse points

    When you need to chill out and you just don’t have time for a shower, focus cool water or ice on your body’s pulse points instead. Where you can feel your pulse on your neck and the insides of your wrists are the two most effective spots for cooling your body. You also have easily reachable pulse points on the inside of your elbows, between your temples and your ears, and near where your ankle bones stick out.

    Help from the fridge

    You may be thinking there are many things in your refrigerator that could help you cool down. Very true! But what we want to recommend is keeping your body lotion, like the Gold Elements Golden Body Butter, in the fridge so that you go to slather it on it will instantly cool your skin while also helping restore any moisture you may have lost to the sun.


    Posted On - 30/07/2014
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