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    Warming up to a Facial Mask

    Warming up to a Facial Mask

    Warming up to a Facial Mask

    When you think about how you feel holding a cup of steaming tea, sitting in front of a crackling fire, or curled up in a fluffy blanket, you understand the comforting attributes associated with warmth. When you add warmth to the formula for a facial mask, you have the recipe for both comfort and beauty.


    Facial Masks as Part of Your Beauty Routine

    Facial masks are designed to give an extra level of cleanliness to the skin by removing dead skin cells and drawing out oil and impurities from deep within the skin. As a result, your skin is not just clean, it’s smoother, softer, and more vibrant.

    Some facial masks are formulated to have a thermal reaction when they’re applied to the skin. When you add heat to the facial mask equation, you’re adding a whole new level of benefits. Aside from the fact that it just feels wonderful, it brings a new dimension to what a mask can do for your skin.

    How Thermal Masks Improve Your Skin

    When you apply heat to facial tissue, the cell temperature is immediately elevated, causing the blood vessels to dilate. This allows your blood to flow more freely, delivering healthy oxygen and nutrients to the cells while carrying away carbon dioxide and impurities. Your skin feels and looks invigorated.

    Heat also opens up your pores, giving the absorbent qualities of the mask a better shot at reaching oil and dirt at the deepest levels. As these impurities are drawn out and rinsed away, you’re left with super-clean skin.

    As a part of your regular skin care program, thermal masks can bring your skin to its glowing best. Dead Sea Premier’s line of Gold Elements skin care products offers its own brand of thermal mask in the form of the Truffles Infusion Thermal Mask. This revolutionary formula blends an infusion of mineral-rich truffles with an assortment of other cutting-edge ingredients, including 24k gold particles.



    Posted On - 08/10/2013

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