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    Facelift without Surgery?

    Facelift without Surgery?

    Facelift without Surgery?

    For some people, the prospect of surgery can be more than a little disturbing. The idea of all those needles and knives is enough to turn some people off of the idea, while others may be repelled by stories of difficult recovery periods, or worse, botched procedures. Obviously, in some cases, some of which may be life-or-death, there’s really no choice but to hold on tight and just get on with it. When it comes to elective procedures such as facelifts, however, there are other options that many surgery-phobes find much more appealing.

    The Phenomenon of Aging Skin

    When you think about it, your face is almost constantly in motion - when you talk, smile, frown, cry, laugh, cough, sneeze, etc., your facial muscles contract, crinkle, and stretch, and your skin also has to contract, crinkle, and stretch in order to accommodate these movements. When you’re young, the collagen and elastin that support your skin cells are resilient so your skin and will snap back into its original state.

    As you get older, the collagen layer tends to stiffen, and your skin has less elasticity. As the years continue to march on, you begin to see signs of aging: lines, creases, pouches, and sags.

    Face Lift Creams

    There are probably thousands of different skin care products on the market, but it takes a very specialized formula to create the lifting effect you need to fight the effects of aging, environment, and gravity. Rather than just smoothing and moisturizing the surface of the skin, true rejuvenation has to occur at the cellular level. In clinical studies, peptides and antioxidants have proven to be the most effective ingredients, and facial creams containing these elements have been shown to produce dramatic results.

    In particular, Truffles Infusion Brightening Face Lift Cream, part of the Golden Elements line of Dead Sea Premier products, combines high-potency anti-oxidants in a cutting-edge penetrating formula to nourish and strengthen cells at deeper levels than topical products have ever been able to reach before now. Working from the inside out, the result is a radiant, more youthful appearance.



    Posted On - 14/10/2013

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